Almada robe

Pattern: Almada from Seamwork
Fabric: Stoff & stil

I am easing in to non stretch fabrics with patterns to wear around the home, and where the fit can be a little off. This robe is also from seamwork, as my Astoria post. I loved the pictures of it when it came in the february issue. But I didn´t finnish it before last week. Time and life, got in the way.


I cut out a size small, that corresponds to my measurements. The robe is vide, so it would fit most people. My only problem is that I am only 158 cm, and I find it a tad short. But as I am only wearing it in inside my own house, who cares?


The pattern only have 4 pattern pieces, front – back – cuffs and ties. I removed the seam allowance from the back, and cut it on the fold. That way I did not  need to think of pattern matching. If you make one of the smaller sizes this works out fine.

This was my first time adding bias binding to a garment, and it was quit easy. The construction did not take so much time, but if you only do one seam from time to time, it takes time.. I will definitely say this is a great beginners pattern. All seamworkpatterns I have used is great for a beginner.



The fabric is a cotton sateen from Stoff & stil, which I bought for this pattern. It is soft, and feels great to lounge in. I also thinsk the print looks great with this kind of kimonostyle robe.

One of my favorite things is still that I added a hoop at the top so I can hang it easily in my bathroom.


Do you subscribe to seamwork?
What is your favouritte beginer friendly pattern in a non-stretch fabric?

Margot pyjamas

Pattern: Margot from Love at first stitch
Fabric: An old cotton bedsheet

Starting my sewing journey by sewing knits, have made me quit afraid of the non stretch fabrics. Because the have no forgiveness in not fitting. But i have decided to get past that fear, and I hope that the book love at first stitch will help med do that!

I actually made this pair of pj pants earlier this year, but as I have just started this blog I decided to share them today. I have bee following along the #sewphotohop challenge on Instagram, organized by House of Pinheiro. It have been really fun, but sadly it september (or sewtember) ended yesterday. But today is a bonus day, with the theme PJ Party. So blogging about my pjs seemed appropriate.


I made this out of an old bed sheet and they are a size 4. Tilly has her own size system, that goes from 1 to 8.  My messurments corresponds with a size 4, and Tilly suggests going up a size if you are in between. And I am closer to an in between 4 and 5, then 3 and 4. But i still feel that this ones are a bit big in the crotch area, and I could probvably try a size 3. But as they are for lounging at home, I don´t care to fix it.


All in all I am quit happy with how they look, and they are pants. In a not stretchy fabric. So veeery slowly I am building a sewing skill set.