Indie pattern stores in EU

This is a list of stores in the EU that sells indie sewing paper patterns online. I hope it is in no way complete, I have put it together from researching stockists from different brands who post them openly. Feel free to suggest additions to the list in the comments. This is a list of EU sellers, post Brexit so no UK companies.

I have come to the conclusion that buying things from the UK after Brexit is no longer an option. I did order a pattern from a UK company on the 18th of January and it got sent the same day. I live in Sweden, a EU country and before Brexit a package would take a maximum of 7 days. The pattern I orded in January are still stuck in the tax system. I know the parcel is in Sweden now, and that I paid for it on Thursday the 11th but still no pattern in my mail and it’s been 26 days since it was sent.

What I also do not know if people are aware of is that there is now a tax on parcels sent from the UK. So in addition to waiting 26 days I had to pay 36 SEK in taxes which is not so much (3,57 Euro), but in addition to that I had to pay a 75 SEK service fee for them billing me for the tax (7,44 Euro). So in total I had to pay 109 SEK extra for a pattern that cost me 226 including shipping. So in total it landed on 337. After all this hassel, let’s be real I should just get PDF patterns. But I also really like paper patterns. So that is why I have started this list!