My first loved Orla!

Pattern: The orladress by frenchnavynow 
Fabric: Vintage fleemarket find

Two posts in one week, what is up with this blog suddenly!

Inspired by the month of Orla love, I am posting a blog about my first Orla dress. Go check out #anorlaaffair. I first came across the Orla dress on Maddies instagram, when she had made a plaid one that looked like a perfect style. Realising the pattern was free made me not question about making one. But then there is timemanagment and it all was set on hold.

So Me-made-May arraived, and with the month of May also my birthday and som birthdaycelebrations. And the Orla came to life (or was made by me in fabric…)


The fabric is  a fleemarket find, and to me it screamed summer. With a fabric this loud I think a dress with not so much fuss is the right choice. Since the Orla only have to darts in the front, and two in the back it opens for a crasy print. This is a cotton, a bit heavier then a quilting cotton.  The recommended fabrics for the pattern are: Softly draping dress fabrics like Viscose and Rayon. But i would definetly say you can go for a heavier fabric, it just changes the look slightly.


This dress is made exactly like the pattern suggested, no changes. To me it is actually my first dress with an invisblezip and darts, being a knitfabric entusiast. So it was a great way to start of my voven dress journey. The changes I will make for my next Orla is shortening the dress with 2 cm for what I think is a more flattering look. I am 158cm and the dress is desgined to hit above the knee for someone 170 cm.

I will also move the bustdart down a little, I think it hist my chest a bit to high.


I know my bangs looks super wierd in this photos, but my photographer (boyfriend, saying yes to take my photos..) do not take notice of detalis at photoshoots 😉 But I wanted to get this dress out there, and not care about taking more photos. Go make som Orlas now, because this dress is great. I will try to find time for at least one more this month, but I have a wedding-guest dress to attend to first.


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Other peoples makes I loved in June!

How many times do you need to do something before it is a tradition? I do not think 2 is the answer, but my post of other peoples makes are back for the second month in a row. And definitely on it’s way to become a tradition.

I my self have had a month filled up with work, then I went of for a week of family vacation in Italy. I did not finish one single thing in June, and I am only home for two week in July so I don’t know how much I would get done in that time. But on my sewing table right now is a wedding-guest dress and I hope to also finish another Orla dress for #anorlaaffair that you can read about on Maddies blog! (this came in july, but you should totaly check it out and make your own Orla)

On to the makes. What other people blogged in June, that I really loved!

This really nice shirt dress from Judith Dees world! 

I keep telling my self I do not have the time or the need for Charlie Caftan, but you guys should make some! I love this three versions from cookin’ & craftin’ , Did you make that? and Handmade by Carolyn.

This Anna/Zinnia sunflower dress of happiness from Turner’s cloth! 

This red sundress with sumo wrestlers from Almond Rock is just great! 

And last, the Penny dress from Daphne that makes me want all the Penny dresses! 

Here are some blog posts I really liked, that did not include makes but you might like and inspire you anyway:

There is still weather to make shorts, and Helen from Helen’s Closet has gathered all the Indie pattern shorts patterns here.

Everyone loves a free pattern, and when they are super trendy as well! Emily from Self Assembly Required has released and adorable ruffle t-shirt pattern.

Gillian on using lightroom for photos. Is it worth it?


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