The 100 days project

Or “How I am getting my creative time back”.

I am a happier person when I make something. So why have I not done that much lately? Mostly because we have moved apartments and a lot of things have been going on. And that is great, but I need to make things again and I need to take the time for it.

So when I heard about the #The100DayProject I thought it would be a great way to get back in to my making habits again. You can read a lot about the 100 day project over on their site. But the easy explanation is do something for 100 days, and share it somewhere.

I wanted to make it easy for me, and not put so much pressure on what, where and how much. So my goal is to sew, knit or cross-stitch for 10 minutes everyday just for the joy of making. If I come out of this project with nothing to show you, but I have still sat down for at least 10 minutes everyday and given my self that peace and quiet I will be happy.

At first I thought about only sewing, but I realized that I am going to be away from my apartment quit a lot this 100 days and I do not like to hand sew.

Problem number two. Right now this is my sewing-room


So a part of this will also be actually fixing the sewing room, so that I can start sewing something in there. It became the room lowest on the list when moving, but now it is the only one that is not usable so it is time to tackle it.

I hope this will bring me more joy, and also some nice clothes to be honest. Hoping to be able to cross of a couple of things on my make nine list and also learn something new.

And let’s be honest. This might be the kick I needed to sit down and blog again. Who knows if that will continue, maybe. I will share the project in my Instagram stories, and posting finished items on my feed. I hope to blog about the outcome at the end. So let us start, and see where it brings me!

You can follow along at Instagram @saramadethat