A flora dress in floral!

Pattern: Flora dress from by hand london
Fabric: A rayon from blackbird fabrics

This summer we were invited to a wedding. We beeing me and this guy I choosen to live my life with ❤ And I knew I wanted to sew up my dress. This year I am totaly upping my  game with more woven fabric garments, and this dress had some new challanges for me.

The dress has a lined bodice, and an invizblezip, a circelskirt and I added pocekts.

DSC01218 (2)

I made it in the patternsize 10/14, and did no alterations to the size. But i did put in in-seam pocekts, bacause all dresses should have pocekts. I used the pocekt pattern piece from Love at first stitch, by Tilly Walnes.

DSC01226 (2)

The dress turned out like I wanted it, and was a fun dress to dance around in at a wedding.

DSC01216 (2)

I also went cute-couple overboard and made my boyfriend a matching bowtie. I used the free patternpiece and tutorial from Professsor pincushion. I did change the seamallowence from 1 to 0,5 cm on the part you tie, after makeing the first one to small.


Here is a picture of us looking matching togheter this summer.

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The Gabrielle dress

Pattern: Gabrielle from Seamwork
Fabric: Stoff og stil (no longer in stock)

The Gabrielle dress is a pattern from Semawork magazine, in the may issue. I subscribe to Seamwork, but I haven’t made up that many of there patterns lately. But I totally fell for the Gabrielle dress.

From Seamwork:

The Gabrielle dress is a modern take on the classic skater dress. It features a tied back yoke with a cut-out that lets just the right amount of your upper back peek through.

The princess seams and flared skirt provide a flattering silhouette. This dress features a slight scoop neckline that is complimented by sweet cap sleeves. The Gabrielle dress is fitted through the bust and waist, while the flared skirt swings loosely throughout the hips.

I made mine in a size M that corresponded with my messsurments, but would size down if I make it again. And I might make it again the bodice and the cut-out back are a nice design on a skater dress.



I would maybe try to make it a sleeveless dress without the capsleevs, because they keep curling up to the dress on the hem.


In this photo I wear the dress with a strapless bra, and I should have made sure the bra was not visible in the pictures. But to be clear you can se the bra straps if you wear a regular bra, but I don’t really care. You can see it with a regular bra in this Instagrampicture of the dress from me-made-may


I did not try to pattern match this fabric, and since it turned out like this I maybe should have. It kind of looks like I tried and failed miserable. So it might be smart to go for a fabric with a little less print.


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Bettinedress in flannel

Pattern: Bettine from Tilly and the buttons
Fabric: Stoff og stil (I can´t find it on their page anymore)

My first make in 2017 is a cozy dress in flannel. The pattern is Bettine from Tilly and the buttons. I have made one before and it is a fun make. Also I am still a bit afraid of the zipper, so this is still a dress in a non stretch fabric I am comfortable making. My goal for 2017 is to stop being afraid of the zippers.


The dress has pockets and a elasticated waist so it is both practical and comfy to wear. I sized up from my previous version to a size 4. That way I can wear it with a long sleeved tee and som wool stockings and wear it all winter. We will most likely have snow until the beginning of april so the dress has to be winter appropriate. I did actually cut this out in december, but I didn´t find the time or joy of putting it together before now.


This pattern is really a great beginner pattern. As I said before, no zippers or buttons. Tillys instructions are easy to follow with good pictures to show you each step of the process. And I alos love that with this version I can show that the choice of fabric makes it a winter dress as much as a summer one. There is also an option to make the dress with out any pockets which makes it even easier.

My dress is totally not pattern matched, but I am just happy I cut it out so the squares are straight.

Also the Dressmaking blogger challenge (#dressmakingbloggerchallenge) for January was keep it cosy. And this is a super cozy make just look at the close up picture of the fabric, this dress is super warm and so good to wear. I added the challenge picture in the end of the post, if you have a blog and want to join a fb-group of sewing bloggers here is a link. Dressmaking blogger network.



Meet my 3 cocos

To start this blog of with a bang, I decided to wright about some of the old things I made, to show you all.

The first and second dress I made were all the Coco by Tilly and the buttons. There are several patterns I made more then once. And this one I already made three times. The second one I made I use whenever it is not in the dryer.

The first one I made together with my best friend Sigrid. She was the one who taught me to sew and I will be forever grateful. Luckily for some Swedish kids she will be an arts and crafts teacher. I made this one:


A black jersey coco dress with a green rib pocket. It is easy, and feels like awsome pjs, but I still look like a grown-up at work. It is still in heavy rotation. I made no changes to the pattern, I made it straight up in a size 2.

The second one I made was my second ever dress. A coco with a yoke, and some in-seam pockets. This is by far my most worn handmade as I have only been making clothes for 1 year and 3 months. I added the yoke with help from this tutorial. The in-seam pockets are copied from the Moneta dress by colette patterns. I made this one also in a size 2. It looks like this:


The third one I made I did this spring, and it has almost only been hanging in my closet except for one or two times out. There are two reasons for that. The fabric and the size. I have gained some weight the last year and measured my self again for this dress. My measurements corresponded with a size 4 so i retraced and made a size 4. But as I still use my size 2 regularly I do not know why I did this. It is not so much bigger, but enough to not make me feel as comfortable as a size 2. I also made it in a ponte de roma, a much heavier fabric then the first two and it is dragging the dress down in a way I don’t like. I will give it some more outings, but I might have to make something completely different out of it. It looks like this. I added the pockets the same way as the second one.


I feel that even though this is a size bigger it does not look as flattering as the other two. All the pictures is taken during may 2016 so there shouldn’t be a problem with my measurements being different. I think it is mostly because of the fabric.

I do love this pattern tough, and as it was my first ever project and I thought it went quit good I would recomend this for a beginner. But maybe size down rather then up?