Ideas for Sewing the scene!

So The Unfinished Seamstress has launched this Instagram challenge called Sewing the Scene. Go check her out to read all the details.


I am really inspired, and thought I should share a post of some of my ideas so far, and the patterns that would go with.

I really love Wes Anderson movies, because they are different stories with interesting characters. But also because I love the aesthetics of his movies. So no wonder that several of my ideas include Wes Anderson movies.

My first inspiration is Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom in her pink 60’s inspired dress. I think the Françoise by Tilly and the buttons would be a good pattern pick for that dress.


To just get all the Wes Anderson movies and Tilly and the buttons comparisons out of the way. My next one is the practical but fun dress of Mrs. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox. This dress could be recreated with the Martha dress also from Tilly and the Buttons. You can add a pocket in the front to make it look more like the dress, or leave it off for an inspiration that might be more wardrobe friendly.

ms. fox + marta

How about using this challenge, to also fill a gap in your wardrobe? Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums is just too cool. How about recreating her slip dress in Butterick 6031.


I also love sitcoms, they are perfect to watch while sewing, because it does not really matter if you miss some small details. I love Jess from New Girls style, and would love to own her entire closet. Hos about a cute shirt dress, made from the McCall 6696

zoey shirt

Jess also wears the cutest pajamas’s so you can try to make your own with the Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pajama.


I also love that 90s fashion is back in style, and would love to come back to the flared jeans. Nobody wears them better then Sophia from Girlboss. Luckely for us, Closet Case got us covered again and you can find some red demin and make your own using there Ginger Flared Jeans Pattern.


6 ideas might be enough for today. But if you liked this post, and would want to see more ideas before the 15th of October, leave me a comment. I would love to make more of this kind of posts.

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A flora dress in floral!

Pattern: Flora dress from by hand london
Fabric: A rayon from blackbird fabrics

This summer we were invited to a wedding. We beeing me and this guy I choosen to live my life with ❤ And I knew I wanted to sew up my dress. This year I am totaly upping my  game with more woven fabric garments, and this dress had some new challanges for me.

The dress has a lined bodice, and an invizblezip, a circelskirt and I added pocekts.

DSC01218 (2)

I made it in the patternsize 10/14, and did no alterations to the size. But i did put in in-seam pocekts, bacause all dresses should have pocekts. I used the pocekt pattern piece from Love at first stitch, by Tilly Walnes.

DSC01226 (2)

The dress turned out like I wanted it, and was a fun dress to dance around in at a wedding.

DSC01216 (2)

I also went cute-couple overboard and made my boyfriend a matching bowtie. I used the free patternpiece and tutorial from Professsor pincushion. I did change the seamallowence from 1 to 0,5 cm on the part you tie, after makeing the first one to small.


Here is a picture of us looking matching togheter this summer.

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Other peoples makes I loved in July!

It’s the end of July, the beginning of August. In many ways it feels like the beginning of fall, but I am hoping for at least two more weeks of summer.

I was only home for 9 days of July and did not have all the time in the world, but I managed to make a toile and a dress to be a wedding guest. So look out for a post about that coming this month.

Luckily for me a lot of you guys made awesome things for me to look at, so let’s check out other peoples makes and posts!

What other people blogged in July, that I really loved!

This bikini and beach-coverup from Sewredy! I would love to look like a mermaid.

This lovely fun floral Orla by Carmen.

I am totally fan-girling over self assembly required, and want to make everything Emily makes. But who does not love a midi-skirt in pink?

Jessicas valley blouse made me doubt I pattern I had totally decided was not for me.

Here are some blog posts I really liked, that did not include makes but you might like and inspire you anyway:

The Sewcialistsblog is back, and you should totaly make a #tributemonthmake! Hop over and get inspired. I might show up there this month to 😉

Meg have made this extensive guide to fabricshopping in Bangkok, that made me want to go there! 

This swimwearpattern from Evie la luve seems pretty perfect to me.

If you have a blog I should check out, feel free to leave a comment!

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