Almada robe

Pattern: Almada from Seamwork
Fabric: Stoff & stil

I am easing in to non stretch fabrics with patterns to wear around the home, and where the fit can be a little off. This robe is also from seamwork, as my Astoria post. I loved the pictures of it when it came in the february issue. But I didn´t finnish it before last week. Time and life, got in the way.


I cut out a size small, that corresponds to my measurements. The robe is vide, so it would fit most people. My only problem is that I am only 158 cm, and I find it a tad short. But as I am only wearing it in inside my own house, who cares?


The pattern only have 4 pattern pieces, front – back – cuffs and ties. I removed the seam allowance from the back, and cut it on the fold. That way I did not  need to think of pattern matching. If you make one of the smaller sizes this works out fine.

This was my first time adding bias binding to a garment, and it was quit easy. The construction did not take so much time, but if you only do one seam from time to time, it takes time.. I will definitely say this is a great beginners pattern. All seamworkpatterns I have used is great for a beginner.



The fabric is a cotton sateen from Stoff & stil, which I bought for this pattern. It is soft, and feels great to lounge in. I also thinsk the print looks great with this kind of kimonostyle robe.

One of my favorite things is still that I added a hoop at the top so I can hang it easily in my bathroom.


Do you subscribe to seamwork?
What is your favouritte beginer friendly pattern in a non-stretch fabric?

One thought on “Almada robe

  1. Krista

    Hi Sara – this looks lovely. I made an almada robe too, but it ended up not fitting well (huge, and doesnt stay closed when tied, and you can see into the sleeves, so must wear clothes underneath) even though i chose the size according to my measurements.
    I subscribe to seamwork too, and my favorite pattern of theirs so far is the akita blouse.


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