Saras wardrobe challenge 2017

A  week ago I wrote about setting my own personal challenge for 2017. So that I would take more time to sew and make the things I want for my own closet. You can read about the challenge and the inspiration here.

So the last week I have been looking at my pattern stash and here are the list of my wardrobe challenge for 2017!

jan-aprJanuary – Agnes jersey top from Tilly and the buttons
February – Simplicity 8019
March – Carrie trouser from Sew over it
April – Fifi set by Tilly and the button


May – Winslow culottes by Helens closet
June – Alix dress by By Hand London
July – Simplicity 1080
August – Vintage shirt dress by Sew over it


September – Turia dungarees by Pauline Alice
October – Elmira by Seamwork
November – Lola by Victory patterns
December – Emery by Christine Haynes

There are no strict ruels to this challenge, as I do this to have fun! But I put it out here on the internet in a hope that I will take my time to actually make the things I want to make, and use the patterns I have bought for a reason. Because 2017 is going to be the year I put my self first.

If you also would like to set a challenge for your self, use the #wardorobechallenge17 so we can help cheer each other on!


My own personal wardrobe challenge?

This week I read about the #sewmystyle project that you can read about here. They describe there project like this:

Above all, #SewMyStyle is all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing. We want to show you that sewing your own wardrobe isn’t an unachievable dream.

And I love that thought. So they are going to host a year long sewalong to different pattern with finishing one every month.

So I was considering joining in, because it is such a good idea. But then I sat down and thought about why I do not sew as much as I want to, and the reason is definitely because I do not take that time for me. And this year I have been learning a lot about my self, and one of the things I am working on is taking the time to do what I love, and putting my self first.

So joining in on this sewalong is not what I want, because the patterns they have chosen are not the patterns that would suit my style. I have also realised that I own way to many patterns, that I have not used and I would love to make more of the things I have been dreaming of making.

So I decided on a challenge that is more reasonable for me, and something that will give me the time to be a better maker and hopefully sewer.

I will set a wardrobe challenge. Every month I will make one garment from the patternstash, and I will decided now what patterns those are. So I can’t get so undecided. I will try to give my self some challenges, but also make things I do think will fit in my wardrobe. I have also decided that it should be the patterns in my stash I have not yet used. Before new year I will deiced upon witch patterns and share the plan here on the blog.

I will set som “ruels” for myself and a plan, and I will share it here one the blog. I do this because I hope saying it out loud will make me more likely to follow through. And who knows, maybe I can inspire someone else to make something from there patternstash.

Hopefully this will give me a reason to set aside time for what I love to do.

I have decided to use the hashtag #wardrobechallenge17 so if you are in on the fun, please use it so  I can see what you make!

Do you want to join in with patterns from your own stash? How do you find the time to sew in your life?