Other peoples makes I loved in May!

I don’t make all the things I would love to, and I don’t blog all the things I make. So sometimes this blogs feel a little bit empty. But I love sewingblogs, and all the pretty things out there that you all make. So I am starting a new post, and I think it will come back. Sharing with you what I have found on the internet the last month, and maybe helps you find a new favourite blog. If you know a blog I should check out, please leave a comment!

What other people blogged in May, that I really loved!

(i wanted to use pictures for this post, but I did not work it out with my WP skillz. I`ll work on them until next month)

Self Assembly Required made an amazing 90s inspired dress.

I loved this Ninni culottes from Cookin’ and Craftin’

This Reeta dress from What Katie Sews made me want to make all the summer dresses in black and white 

And the Kalle shirt dress pattern was a favorite this month both the version from Dixie DIY and this ones from Sallie Oh

Helens Closet took new photos of all her versions of the Winslow Culottes and this black ones is just gorgeous

Here are some blog posts I really liked, that did not include makes but you might like and inspire you anyway:

Maddie wrote about how other people took there blog photos.

Gillian from crafting a rainbow wrote a great article about blogging, and following your bliss. Do with your blog what feels good and right for you.

Allies 5 ways to wear denim. (If I only had a sense of fashion like this girl)

Go check out all this amazing bloggers. And If you have a blog to recommend me, please do in the comments. I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read!

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