Saras wardrobe challenge 2017

A  week ago I wrote about setting my own personal challenge for 2017. So that I would take more time to sew and make the things I want for my own closet. You can read about the challenge and the inspiration here.

So the last week I have been looking at my pattern stash and here are the list of my wardrobe challenge for 2017!

jan-aprJanuary – Agnes jersey top from Tilly and the buttons
February – Simplicity 8019
March – Carrie trouser from Sew over it
April – Fifi set by Tilly and the button


May – Winslow culottes by Helens closet
June – Alix dress by By Hand London
July – Simplicity 1080
August – Vintage shirt dress by Sew over it


September – Turia dungarees by Pauline Alice
October – Elmira by Seamwork
November – Lola by Victory patterns
December – Emery by Christine Haynes

There are no strict ruels to this challenge, as I do this to have fun! But I put it out here on the internet in a hope that I will take my time to actually make the things I want to make, and use the patterns I have bought for a reason. Because 2017 is going to be the year I put my self first.

If you also would like to set a challenge for your self, use the #wardorobechallenge17 so we can help cheer each other on!


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