Welcom to a new and english beginning


I am Sara, maybe you have never seen me before, or maybe you are here because you are my mum. This is my second blog. My first one was a norwegian sewingblog. Norwegian is my first language, and that might show as I try to write an english blog.

Why did I choose to change everything up? My first blog had a brilliant name, if you understood norwegian and you love a stupid wordplay, but I realized that I wanted to connect with the sewing world, and it is not to big in Norway. If I am making a new pattern, I always google it first and look at other peoples blogs and revives. And whenever they were in a language I did not understand, I just wished they would have written it in english. So I see the ironi, in making a blog only a few people could understand which I would not read my self if I was not norwgian. Therefore I decided to switch it up.

So here it is. Sara made that! A blog about the things I make, sewing related things and whatever I want it to be. In (bad) english for everyone to enjoy. (Most likely just my mom. “Hei mamma”)

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